How I Became Woman Centred

My classes are inspired by my own journey. Over the next few weeks I’ll share what lies behind each class, starting here with Woman Centred Yoga 

I had chance to spend a weekend of yoga with renowned teacher Uma Dinsmore Tuli, looking for inspiration for my pregnancy classes. I was expecting a great couple of days but I didn’t realise I was in for a life-changing experience! We learned yoga that embraces women’s bodies and energies. I had recently had my second baby and was intensely aware of the transformational power of birth and motherhood. I was also exhausted from caring for a baby and toddler, and pumped full of hormones to prevent conception.

With Uma’s teaching all the pieces of the jigsaw fell into place. Our menstrual cycle, pregnancies, periods of lactation and menopause are not inconveniences that need to be suppressed. They are the essence of who we are as women and they contain power and insight we may never have imagined. When we deny them we deny our deepest selves. I was exhausted because I was not allowing myself to experience the natural highs and lows of energy that are integral to being a woman. I learned to literally go with the flow.

I wanted to share these teachings and help other women to become more in touch with their authentic selves and so after a couple of years digesting the practices and exploring my own journey I set up the Woman Centred class.  My journey continues to unfold through my practice, teaching and further studies with Uma and the menstrual cycle guru Alexandra Pope.

Woman Centred Yoga

I have been attending Alison’s weekly Yoga class since January 2014. She has a lovely way of encouraging all students and fosters a welcoming environment free from pretence which I really value. I wouldn’t say that at the start I was big on the whole woman’s well-being and moon cycle that is the theme underlying Alison’s class. Now though as the months have progressed I find that I do take more notice of how I feel in myself energetically and I do consider this in relation to the time of the month. It’s a subtle appreciation that I have become more aware of and I think this self-awareness and self-care is an important takeaway from Alison’s teaching. I would also recommend Alison’s class if you are new to Yoga, her encouraging style invites even the most reserved of characters to try new things. She has a buoyancy and bubbly personality which makes her classes very accessible. I would totally recommend coming to her class and giving Woman Centred Yoga a go.”   

BB, York

If you would like to find out more, your first class is free.  As we have just moved into a larger hall there are places available. Please contact me or check the calendar for full details.

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