Keep it cool!

Welcome to my new website. As I write this it’s a glorious warm summer day – lovely if you can sit in a shady spot, but if you have things to do, you may well start to feel a little overheated which can lead to discomfort, irritability, sweatiness and heat rashes!

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My ethos is that yoga should fit in with your life and help you to feel better as you go about your daily activities – keeping a few simple practices in your “yoga toolkit” can make such a difference to your energy.

My top tip for cooling down is to try the  simple cooling breath (in sanskrit: sheetali pranayama). Roll up your tongue into a tube. (If this is not possible, put your tongue behind your bottom teeth, top and bottom teeth pressing together – this is sheetkari, hissing breath, same effect).

Breathe in through the rolled tongue or over the tongue through the teeth if doing sheetkari. Breathe out through the nose. Ensure the out breath is long and steady so you breathe out as much as you breathe in. Stop if you feel dizzy and breathe normally. Repeat the breath several times until you feel cooler. Granted it is not one to do in public but is very effective and can also help other “heat” conditions like heartburn, heat rash and a “hot” temper.

Make sure to also enjoy plenty of cool fluids, wear a hat and seek shade when the sun is at its highest, and you’ll soon be feeling fresh as a daisy!

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