Mistress of Your Own Destiny

Life is busy, and most of the time, we love it, right?  But sometimes it all gets a bit much.  It’s so important to take regular time out to nourish and nurture ourselves, but how often do we do this?  And does the me-time sometimes become just another thing to tick off the to-do list and to beat ourselves up if we don’t achieve it?  I know I often think if I have some spare time I should spend it exercising burning off the maximum calories!  I feel great when I exercise and I love my bike rides and weekly Zumba classes but we do need to stop and slow down and actually spend some time doing nothing every now and again.  It gives us chance to reflect and actually makes us more productive.  When we work with menstrual cycles, we understand the reflection phase as being part of the inner autumn, the pre-menstrual phase.  And we don’t always like this phase very much in our cycles, so it’s not surprising we often skip over it in our wider life as well.

Autumn is the ideal time to take some time out to reflect, as our inner energy can align with the outer energy of the season.   We held our first Daydream Day quarterly full day of yoga and rest yesterday with a seasonal theme of “Reflect”.  We checked in with one word to describe how we were feeling.  Some of the words that came up were scattered, busy, tightly wound, discombobulated and uncomfortable.  By the end of the day the words to describe how people were feeling were powerful, raring to go, forward looking, refocused and content.   There was also some talk of being Mistress Of Our Own Destiny – very exciting!  How did we get from A to B?  I simply held space safely and warmly for these busy women to take time out to reflect.  I was blown away with how ready they were to rise to the challenge, and very quickly, in just six hours, reassessed their priorities and made commitments to make small changes that will have a big impact in their lives.

As I have mentioned previously, the retreat process has a definite patter of separation from daily life, surrender of old ideas and ways of being, and to the process, renewal as we let go and feel ready to receive what is due to us, clarity and vision as we see clearly what comes next, and purpose and direction as we commit to moving forward into our new way of being.  Just as the trees let go of their leaves, we can let go of what may previously have been helpful to us but is no longer serving.    The leaves fall to the ground, we rest, and then we nourish our new growth.   These days will be happening every three months, following this seasonal pattern.  Our next day, on 17th December, will honour the Winter solstice and allow us to rest deeply.  In the midst of the busy festive season, I will be holding space for you to do precisely nothing.  IN spring, we will play, feeling revived by our winter rest, nourishing the tender shoots of growth and exploring all the possibilities life has to offer.  In summer, we will manifest our wildest dreams, bringing to fruition the ideas we played with in spring.  And next autumn we come full circle to reflect on what we have brought into the world, and prepare to rest and repeat this creative process once more. You’ll have chance to weave a thread through your year that will hold you safely and help you realise your dreams and indeed become mistress of your own destiny.  Of course it’s fine to just come to the ones you can make, we will recap throughout and you’ll be added to a Facebook group so you can keep up.

You know where to find me if you want to join us on this meandering journey of dreams!

Much love, Alison x

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