Inspiration: Yoga for Pregnancy

I promise I will get onto how I was inspired to teach pregnancy yoga!

But first just a snippet more on how I was inspired to teach yoga in the first place…

After I finished last week’s blog, I remembered a crucial moment that was absolutely fundamental to the shift I made to become a yoga teacher.  My dad’s retirement dinner.  My parents both worked in public services from desire to make a contribution to society.  They had both, by the time they retired, built reputations for excellence in their chosen professions. Both had skills and experience that could have earned them more in the private sector but they held true to their values.  Dad made a huge impact, locally and nationally, in his field and the speeches showed the people who worked with him had tremendous respect for him.  I remember thinking:  “If I carry on doing what I am doing, there is no way on earth anyone will be saying these things about me when I retire”.  I was good at my job but I just wasn’t feeling it and I knew I was not realising my potential.  I was not making a difference.

Mum and dad

My parents – inspiring people!

My opportunity came with my first pregnancy.  I completed my yoga teacher training when my son was six months old.  Yoga had been brilliant for my labour and birth and I learned so much from attending classes with Sophie Carr and we began to work together.  I took a qualification in Yoga for Pregnancy, and can honestly say I have never looked back.  I get such lovely feedback saying what a difference I have made to people’s pregnancies and births.

“Alison’s classes were recommended to me by a friend, and I have since recommended her classes to all of my pregnant friends!  Alison is a very grounded instructor. She makes you feel comfortable in yourself during and outside of class. She’s very pro natural birth but NOT anti medicine, which was a breath of fresh air. And, of course, the yoga she teaches is great too! I felt super fit the whole pregnancy through!  Before I started yoga I was afraid of childbirth but Alison made me feel more confident in myself and the natural birth-giving qualities of my body.  I learned a lotabout a broad range of pregnancy and birth-related topics, from Alison and the other women in our class. It’s been a really great opportunity to meet other mums-to-be, and I made some great friends too. Thanks so much!”

Going to work does not feel like work at all.  There are so many benefits from doing yoga in pregnancy: relieving aches and pains, easing a sore back, positioning the baby well for birth and learning breathing techniques for labour.  Butthe most important part is preparing women and their partners for a straight-forward and enjoyable birth, knowing all their options and empowering them to make their own informed decisions.  This is where we truly make a difference.  Just as important is the supportive community we build at the beautiful Stables yoga centre.  Women return for post-natal, baby and toddler yoga, then come to an evening class on their own – before often falling pregnant again and returning to pregnancy yoga, completing the yoga circle!

Next week’s blog will talk about the inspiration behind my special post-natal yoga classes.  For more about our pregnancy classes please visit


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