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Yoga for Pregnancy

April 12, 2020 @ 6:00 pm – 7:30 pm
Stables Yoga Centre
10A Nunmill Street
York YO23 1NU
£8.50 per class for 6/7 week blocks
Stables Yoga Centre

Pregnancy is such a special time and it’s an honour and privilege to share it with you.

Classes are nurturing and nourishing with an emphasis on preparing you for a normal, healthy birth. 

Classes start with 30 minutes of discussion – topics include deciding where to have your baby, waterbirth, options for pain relief, delivery of the placenta, getting started with breastfeeding and parenting styles. We also invite everyone back to share their birth stories.  This all helps to prepare you to have the birth you want.  There are no rights or wrongs but I help you access the information you need to make informed choices that are right for you and your partner.

We help you find the confidence to trust your body to birth normally and naturally and there is emphasis on the normality of birth and minimal intervention in the process.    Why?  Because most women tell us this what they really want, and it is healthy for you and your baby, enabling you to recover quickly and get off to a confident start.

However we understand things don’t always go to plan and sometimes those interventions are necessary and wanted.   All choices are supported in the class from home waterbirth to planned c-section.  My own experiences of birth were very diverse – one home birth and one caesarean – and this has really helped me be able to bring a balanced and non-judgemental approach to the pregnancy classes.

We then ease into our yoga with flowing movements connected to the breath.  Do more or less depending how you feel. Our class relieves common pregnancy niggles like back-ache, fatigue and sleep problems; the postures are adaptable for a range of complications including low lying placenta, symphysis pubis dysfunction and back pain.     While pregnancy is a joyful time there can be times of anxiety especially about the pending birth of your baby – you will learn breathing, relaxation and visualisation techniques to help.  Without exception the women who attend classes say they find the breathing and mindfulness they learn absolutely invaluable when in labour.

I work with Sophie Carr and we have three classes per week at the Stables Yoga Centre in York.  Sunday and Thursday are my regular teaching days, Sophie teaches Wednesday.  We also offer Mindful Birthing courses and half day workshops to help you and your partner prepare for birth and parenthood.

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