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Post-Natal Yoga

December 6, 2019 @ 11:15 am – 1:00 pm
Stables Yoga Centre
Scarcroft Road
£7.50 per session (book by the half term)
Alison Goodwin
07725 796583

Personal InfoMy post-natal classes are a unique offering for new mums.

A seamless continuation from the pregnancy classes, we continue to offer the same nurturing support through discussion – sleep, feeding, sling-wearing and weaning come high on the agenda, led by what is going on for the group at each class.

We emphasise taking an intuitive approach to caring for your baby and help you be confident to follow your own instincts.

The yoga is gentle and focussed on your post-natal recovery: strength and stability for the pelvis, gentle abdominal toning, focus on the pelvic floor, back and shoulder area.

For the babies, we explore soothing touch, movements to ease colic, trapped wind and long-awaited poo, how to move around with your baby to protect your spine and most importantly, the best way to settle babies is to have a relaxed mum! 

Each class ends with breathing and relaxation and it’s a pleasure to see how the babies settle once mum lies down and lets go of all her tension and worries.

At the end of class we enjoy tea and (usually home-made) cakes.

We always recommend you spend at least two weeks at home resting, getting to know your baby and establishing breast-feeding, but you are welcome to start this class any time from birth – no need to wait for your six week check as the yoga is very gentle and you can enjoy breathing, meditation, support, company and cake any time!

When my son was a baby I always felt so self conscious when he cried at groups (often!) and I also felt embarrassed that I was formula rather than breast feeding.  A couple of years later and things were very different with my daughter – she breast fed like a dream and didn’t cry much at all!  All babies are different and all are welcome at the post-natal class.  You don’t need to take a crying baby out of the room unless you feel they need a change of scene.  Breast and bottle feeding are equally welcome.  This is a safe space where you and your baby can simply be as you are.

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