Centred Yoga

I do not believe in a right or wrong way to do yoga, to do birth, to be a parent, to live your life!  But I believe there is a right way for YOU and my aim is to create space for you to develop trust and confidence that you can follow your own path.

In my classes everyone is made to feel welcome and at ease: coming to class is an opportunity to be just as you are.

When you come to a Centred Yoga class you can expect to leave feeling nurtured and relaxed.  Posture work is always adaptable to meet a range of needs and you never need to do more than you want to.  There is no pressure or judgement. 

Importantly, we also have fun – it is not uncommon for our regular practice to include a good belly laugh!

The postures tone your body and increase your sense of physical wellbeing, but more than that, working with your breathing and paying mindful attention to the present moment as we work through our practice helps settle your mind and create a sense of spaciousness, peace and ease. 

We bring the physical, the mental and the emotional aspects of your being into balance, helping you to feel more “you”.  Off the mat, this helps you to live with purpose and clarity about who you are and what you do.  All classes include time for pranayama (breathwork) and deep relaxation.

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