Where it all began

What inspired me to teach yoga in the first place?

…continuing my series exploring the personal journey behind my classes…

I was going to talk about yoga for pregnancy this week but realised I would need to go right back to the start,  so, this week is the story of how I came to yoga – or maybe how yoga came to me.   Fifteen years ago, in my early 20s, I was in a competitive and stressful job with a lot of travelling.  I loved the work  – and the good salary and company car.  But I suddenly became ill.  I lost weight, was exhausted, anxious, had digestive problems and struggled to cope with my job.  I had months of medical investigations that revealed nothing  – perhaps it was all caused by stress.  I had heard yoga was good for stress so  I looked in the Yellow Pages (no google 15 years ago!) and found a class.  I laid down on the floor at the start and the room span – I was not used to being still!  But I was overcome with a sense of having come home.


As the weeks went by, the classes revealed everything I had been looking for.  I began to feel that the path I had set out on was a wrong turn that had taken me away from myself.  Yoga brought me back.  I made some positive lifestyle changes and I began to feel better.  Somehow I kept my career on track but changed jobs for regular hours and less travel, meaning I could spend more time doing things I loved – including yoga.  My teacher suggested I try the British Wheel of Yoga Foundation Course, for keen students to deepen their practice,  but also a pre-requisite for teacher training.  I wanted to share the life-changing benefits I had personally experienced with others so I trained to teach and started out with a small class after work for colleagues.  I always intended to teach around my full time job.  When we decided to start a family all that changed – and that will be the focus of next week’s blog on yoga for pregnancy!


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