about me

Alison Goodwin Owner of Centred Yoga in YorkAlison’s Awesome Yoga

I have been practicing yoga for 17 years and teaching for 10.  My practice has evolved in that time to be so much more than a yoga class.  I offer support, mentoring and safe space to be you, as you are.

As well as relaxing weekly classes, I host nourishing monthly workshops and transformational retreats.  New for 2018 is a fabulous sunshine retreat in the Algarve.

I’ve overcome many fears and challenges to get to where I am in my life and in my yoga teaching career, and it’s now my mission to help you do the same with my mentoring and leadership offer for women – Strong Woman, Strong World.

I live near York with my husband and two small children and I have a very happy, busy and full life, with yoga as the cornerstone.  I started practicing yoga after becoming unwell due to stress and anxiety at work in my early twenties.  I couldn’t believe the transformation – it is no exaggeration to say yoga changed my life.  I trained as a teacher because I very much wanted to help others experience the benefits.

Before becoming a yoga  teacher I had a career in Human Resources Management.  I bring skills from my various roles into my yoga teaching, especially in the areas of mentoring, leadership, stress management and handling sensitive issues.  I hold further certificates in Yoga for Pregnancy, Womb Yoga (Yoga for Women’s Health) and Pranyama (the breathwork aspect of Yoga).

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