Babies move on to the Active Baby Yoga class any time from four months when they are ready to start getting more actively involved in the yoga.

We do lots of fun energetic movements for babies and stronger stretches for mums in the active baby yoga.  We include movements with sound and song, and going upside down and all around!  It is more normal for us to have giggling than crying in this class, though as with the post-natal class you and your baby are warmly welcomed however you feel!  The yoga invariably tires the babies out so they fall asleep in relaxation and mum gets to have her tea and cake at the end with both hands free!  We still include plenty of time for discussion and mutual support and by this stage strong friendships are often beginning to form.

Babies are welcome in active baby yoga classes from approximately 12 weeks to 12 months  – I never kick any babies out for being too big but usually a natural transition occurs and you and your baby are ready to move on to new adventures.  This can be very emotional and I hate saying goodbye – but in many cases mums come to one of my evening classes until they become pregnant again and a beautiful cycle of yoga repeats itself!

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